Manners and Mistakes

Ten Dining Tips

By Caroline Nderitu-Benjamin.


1. Hot towel: This is for wiping your hands and probably the area around your mouth. Not for your neck and ears

2. Soup: Push the spoon away from you as you scoop – not towards your body

3. Bread roll: Break into bite-size chunks – do not hold the entire roll in your hand as you eat. Break and eat.

4. Butter: Do not dip your knife severally into the common butter dish. Cut off the amount you need, put it on your side-plate and apply as needed - from your designated portion

5. Napkin: Leave it on your chair if you have to leave the table but are not done eating. It only goes back onto the table when the meal is completely over.

6. Seasoning: Always taste your food before seasoning. It honours the chef and/or your host.

7. Condiments: Do not stretch your arm across the table. Ask someone to hand you the salt, pepper or Ketchup

8. Elusive food: If you cannot get your food onto your fork or spoon, use some bread or knife as a pusher, not your finger

9. Tipping: Do tip - a little more than usual. Spread the Christmas cheer. Do not argue over ‘how little to tip’ at the table, it chips away the gratification of a good meal.

10. Elbows: Should be off the table when eating


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