Will your next presentation sizzle or fizzle?

Let’s assess your "SQ" (Speaking Quotient).

Take the following quick quiz:

1. Which is the most important part of a business presentation – the opening, the body or the closing?

2. Should you open up the floor for questions before or after you conclude?

3. What devices of style can you employ to connect with a difficult audience instantly?

4. How do you keep your audience wide awake during a technical PowerPoint presentation?

5. What is the first rule of building rapport?

6. Which is the most important C of communication – Competence, Confidence or Credibility?

7. What three key steps can you take to improve your speaking voice?

8. What is the best position for your hands as you speak?

9. How should you hold a microphone? Like an ice _?

10. What is the one sure-fire way to manage of your nerves?

Well? Do you know how well you did, or not?

If you would like the correct answers, register for the next Public Speaking and Business Presentation Skills course and take one class per week for 8 weeks to completely transform the way you communicate and influence others.

You can also opt for the One-on-one Executive Coaching and advance in your own time.

We also offer Fine-tuning sessions, just to help you allay any doubts about your presentation or to obtain professional analysis and feedback on your approaching speaking engagement. Practice your ne

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xt talk with a professional.

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Comments from our last PSBPS class:

My learning has been quite remarkable I must admit. My peers have noticed that I am more opinionated, but it all boils down to confidence. Am working on my word-bank as I realize it also increases fluency. Am also working on gestures, facial expressions and basically managing the the speech by structure and engaging the audience. My speech at the Rotary Club went well. I felt appreciated as I was rewarded with a Certificate by the Rotarians. Thank you so much Caroline-Simon Wekesa, Advocate

"A great course whose value goes beyond the expected. Great trainers who are able to step in the student's mind/situation and bring out great public speakers." -Dr. Christine Mosoti, Veterinarian and Public Health Practitioner

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