Executive One-on-one


“If you’re speaking and not getting a reaction, well, you are just making a speech.” -Anon

  1. Upgrade your core competencies

  2. Present with a powerful, polished presence

  3. Get positioned for continued growth, impact and excellence

  4. Transform the way you communicate and influence others

  5. Develop your skills, in your own time!

As a business executive, leader or top official, you need to be a cut above the rest. The CCL EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAMME offers you your very own personal professional coach who will work with you to reach a specific goal in your management, leadership or directorship development.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. Clients say coaching brings out their best by helping them focus, break down tasks and clarify their values.” – Fortune Magazine

Areas of coaching may include:

  • Coaching Needs Analysis (CNA)
  • Conquering public speaking fear and anxiety
  • Body language and non-verbal communication principles
  • Business presentation organization and delivery
  • Establishing a sincere rapport with your audience
  • Optimum voice quality, variety, control and clarity
  • Handling difficult questions/situations expertly
  • Self-awareness and personality profiling
  • Developing executive presence
  • Developing a speaking bank
  • Employing humour safely and effectively
  • Projecting confidence, credibility and charisma
  • Leveraging existing strengths to improve performance
  • Expert review of video-recordings
  • Powerful PowerPoint presentations
  • Accent reduction
  • Avoiding controversy and errors in public statements
  • Personality profiling and personal development
  • Behaviour Analysis for business 

This program is designed for:

Leaders.CEOs. Directors. Senior Managers. Business Executives. Top officials. Keynote Speakers. Supervisors. Heads of departments. Chairpersons. Politicians. Captains of Industry

The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: To make the most of an organization’s valuable resources. -Harvard Business Review

Why Executive one-on-one Coaching?

  1. Focused
    Bespoke; targeted to your specific abilities, needs and goals. Wave good-bye to long training days, books, or topics that don’t apply to your situation

  2. Convenient
    You have full control over the coaching process. Comes complete with the flexibility to choose your preferred timings and venue – office, home, hotel or CCL facilities

  3. Confidential 
    We guard our reputation of being totally discreet zealously. Feel comfortable enough to discuss all challenges and share any experiences. All conversations are treated as privileged and as such, are held in the utmost confidence.

  4. Engaging and Supportive
    A typical session includes brainstorming, reviews, recommendations, interactive exercises and homework (if applicable). You will receive custom-made notes after each session, plus email and phone support available between sessions

  5. Proven Track record
    CCL has a reputable 10-year track record in the business of Executive Coaching as well as hand-picked coaches with high profoundly impressive resumes and highly commendable work ethic.

Coaching Plans and Venues

The duration, locations and format are totally flexible, customizable and highly accommodating.

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