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Interact with professional speakers on the art of Public Speaking, Business Presentation Skills, Voice Projection, Body Language, Communication, Influence and Lifehacks in general. It's also a safe space to reignite your self-confidence by taking your public speaking skills for a spin!  speakeasy@publicspeaking.co.ke 


  • Venue: CCL, Eaton Place, Behind Village Market or Online

  • Gigiri entry fee: Free for members. Advance Ticket: Ksh 1,500/-  (Standard/At the Door: Ksh 2,000/-) Includes refreshments. Dates: Second Thursday of the month ​Time: 11 am to 1 pm


  • Online Sessions: Second Wednesday of the month. 6.30 am to 7.30 am. Ksh 1000/- per session


  • Become a member: Ksh 10,000/- per year. Can attend all (Both or either session per month)


SPEAKEASY FORUM is all about exceptional confidence, competence and credibility. 

  • "You communicate more with character than you do with content."
  • -  Caroline Nderitu, Executive Coach

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  • Paybill no: 254254
  • Ac no. 0550294947047

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To suggest topics please email us at speakeasy@publicspeaking.co.ke or Call: 020 5147010 WhatsApp: 0773 555299