17th June 2019


Why we over-communicate, and to no effect

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Said it enough already?

If you have said it over and over again but not received the expected behaviour, then you are over-communicating.

Have you found yourself asking any of the following?

“How many times do I have to tell you this?” 

“We have said this time and again.” 

“It’s in your contract, I sent you an email plus it’s on the noticeboard.”

You get the idea.

Well, here are three key reasons why we over-communicate, to no avail.


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Public Speaking can be daunting. Granted.

However, controlling nerves, competent use of gestures/facial expressions/pauses, scripting a winning speech, apt application of audio-visual aids, PowerPoint presentation excellence, audience management, confidence and a host of other presentation skills can indeed be learnt, honed and practised to perfection.

Join us at CCL and learn how to:

  • Manage your nerves and exude confidence
  • Establish rapport and engage your audience
  • Plan, prepare and structure presentations effectively
  • Deliver professionally; with style, passion and impact
  • Design and make powerful, compelling PowerPoint presentations  


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“If you’re speaking and not getting a reaction, well, you are just making a speech.” -Anon

  1. Upgrade your core competencies

  2. Present with a powerful, polished presence

  3. Get positioned for continued growth, impact and excellence

  4. Transform the way you communicate and influence others

  5. Develop your skills in your own time!


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