Personal Impact Scorecard

Take this quiz to assess your Personal Impact in business, career or profession.

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For the each of following questions, answer with one these choices:
a) Always b) Sometimes c) Never d) I don’t know

1. Do people insist on doing business with you? 
2. In meetings, are your views and decisions respected? 
3. Are you able to overcome shyness and the fear of failure? 
4. Is your external behaviour a product of a confident, solid inner presence
5. Does the tone of your voice get you the best results
6. Are you perceived as you would like to be perceived? 
7. Do you connect and communicate easily with others? 
8. After a pitch or interview, do you ever think that if you had presented yourself better, you would have had better results? 
9. Do you project a strong, high-impact personality
10. Do you work, live and perform at your maximum potential?


Based on what you scored this is the analysis.

If you scored...


Mostly As:

We are thrilled for you; keep up the good work! (Just keep your work-life balance in check.) Let us know how we can support your team to get to this level too.

Mostly Bs:

You are performing way below your potential. You are currently just scratching the surface in your buisness/career.

Mostly Cs and Ds:

This is truly worrying, you are in trouble. Your business is about to crash or you are just about to get fired (or that is why you don’t get hired.)

"Life is a fight for territory. And once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don't want will automatically take over." - Steve Duncanson

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